Guns 2 Roses (Guns and Roses Cover Band)

Like their namesakes they got to the venue over an hour late so no soundcheck (and this was a venue no one had ever played before so we were more than a little reliant on them turning up so we could test the system out).

With about an hour to go before they were on Axl turns up and they end up starting only ten minutes later than planned (impressive as GnR can barely make it onstage on the same day they;re supposed to)!

Just look at the singers dedication to the performance through this video.  Again they’ve worked really hard.  On the drums is Chris from Crash Mansion; a great band that are worth checking out.


UK Foo Fighters Live @ Fiction Romford

The UK Foo Fighters play Fiction in Romford.  These guys had it all, really had studied the live shows of the Foos to get it as close as possible to the real thing.  Guitars are exactly as Grohl would use as well as their transport being a proper American Camper complete with american license plate.

Soundwise a live band had never been done at this club, so I had a lot of issues to contend with including the positioning of the desk where I couldn’t hear how the sound was downstairs by the audience.  Runs downstairs during the soundcheck and performances meant that any issues were quickly fixed and the gig went really well.  Hopefully more here in the future as a former cinema works really well as a live venue. 


Was a long time coming but finally finished Truth Or Consequences debut album titled simply ‘debut’.

This is the culmination of two years work writing as a band then recording ready to send out to anyone who’ll listen.  In the band I play guitar and bass (and was responsible for the electronica slant that got ditched early on as well as initial live drums).

Recording wise we recorded the band live in our rehearsal room then overdubbed a few parts (including bass - I’m good but not that good I can play two instruments at the same time)!  The result is a live feel but utilising the ability to use studio techniques to enhance and bring up to commercial expectations.

We hope to be gigging soon, though Matts currently waiting for an operation on his back so see you in the new year!

Listen/purchase: Debut by Truth Or Consequence.

Source: Bandcamp

Unknown guitarist performs at The Ale House, Chlemsford

I want to say his name is Paul but I’m not entirely sure!  He was the opening act at a charity event in The Ale House.  One of three acts on the night and loads of money raised.

pure balanceAn unusual combination that came about from a chance encounter. 

About the writers… 

Jackie Barber, FE Dip. MCS, Rahanni Practioner/Teacher and Principal of The Healing Foundation, has been offering natural therapies’ and health advice in Essex since 2002 with a clear vision of making healing ever more widely available. 

James Lapham is an Essex based sound engineer and musician. His main work is in the education sector where he is responsible for several local studios though he also moonlights as a live sound engineer and plays a variety of instruments in a variety of bands. 


Having attended Jackies’ healer courses and meditation groups over several years it became clear to both of them that they could further enhance Jackies’ writings and therefore the healing power by writing music designed to go specifically to Jackies’ meditations. By recording and releasing meditations we hope to allow more people who have benefited from Jackies’ healing and therapy further access to her abilities in a more convenient and cheaper format. 

What’s different? 

Firstly the meditation was recorded live during a session to fully capture the spirit and ambience of a meditative session. The music was then designed afterwards taking inspiration from the meditation. 

One of the more original features of the music in this album are the “delayed motifs” in most tracks whereby the same motif won’t re-occur at the same given point in any bar. This adds a further level to the meditation as it helps the mind focus on the spoken words as the music drifts off and loses itself.


Words: Jackie Barber 
Music: James Lapham 
Artwork: Keith Jackson

Listen/purchase: Everyday Meditations by Jackie Barber / James Lapham

Source: Bandcamp

Ja Ja Wunderbar live @ The Rising Sun

JJW perform live at The Rising SunBillericay 27/07/13.  

Great to see this band play live again, I’ve not seen them for a while for reasons that I won’t go into but they’re all entertaining characters and that is what gets the crowd going; the songs are always catchy and the delivery is tight.

March On Rome - Live @ The Rising Sun

March On Rome are back after a year or so off (maybe journeying to Italy?) and played The Rising Sun, Billericay on 27th August 2013 as one of their first gigs back.


Adam Nicholls Live @ The Rising Sun


James Canty Live @ The Rising Sun, Billericay

Doing sound for this venue, which I had never worked at before, meant that I had to bring anything I thought I’d need and work around.

I ended up using two monitors and two FOH speakers with no subs as the room and genre of music meant it didn’t need pumping bass.

James Canty has a varied mix of music, like Jose Gonzalez doing the Beatles in a country style.  Definitely worth checking out!


Supporting the local music scene in Chelmsford by yet again providing the sound equipment for The Panic Awards.

I’m proud to help organise such an original event each year, totally self funded and yet the public vote (for free) who they genuinely feel should win in each category. It takes quite adds months to organise each year but gets better and better each time.

This year all money raised went to Farleighs Hospice, I think we made over £800 for the cause.

Check out for the winners of each catagory.